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I have finally moved accounts! Yup. Told ya I was starting fresh. ^^
So if you'd like to still keep up with me, Follow my shiny new profile HERE: kumafloof
Gonna keep all updates over there. Gonna cover it with all sorts of new things. 
See you there!
Hiya guys, Long time, no see again... XD
Hopefully y'all have been ok since I've been on and off. Quite a bit has been happening life-wise, which is why I haven't had enough time here and everything.  But I DO have some announcements. One of them being I'm planning to be more active here, for real this time. XD

Like I said before, I had some things happen which kept me from being as active as I wanted to, but recently thats ended. Long story short, Some things in life cant be avoided. People change often. But enough of that sh*t. Time for the point of this journal.

So, If you happened to see the title, I plan on starting fresh. Brand new. All that nice stuff. ^^ I've been working on my new account over the past few days, and I plan on going alll out with it. X3 For some reason, I felt this was kinda necessary. 
(Keep in mind that ALL of my older art will be staying here. I'll be taking a couple of newer pieces over to the new account when I finally move there, But the old stuff will be here. this account'll still be up for a while at least, dont worry.)

I'm planning all sorts of things with the new stuff I'm gonna put out. I'm actually pretty excited! With this newfound time, I also plan on attending college soon (For graphic arts/CGI), so you may even get to see some of the stuff I do for that, whatever it may be. ^^ 
I think I've improved quite a bit since my absence, so I guess thats what I'm most excited about. X3 So expect a lot of new things. 

I believe I'll be done with the coding sometime this weekend, heck, maybe today, if I keep working on it. So the next journal will be the final journal, telling you which account to watch and such. Not unless I have something REALLY important to spread around. That'll probably be rare though. So, if you feel like dealing with my random butt some more, I'll be back with said journal soon.

Thank you for dealing with me this long, and I hope to see you on the other account and stuff!  

(Small edit: I'm keeping all the requests too. so they'll transfer to my to-do list here as well.)

Taking, Like, 4 million requests.

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 12, 2016, 3:34 PM
Professional Procrastinator

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But seriously, maybe between 6-10. Drop it below. If I owed you anything in the past, Feel free to remind me here. Remember, Its been about a year since I've been active really.


Its been a minute.

Fri Sep 9, 2016, 12:12 PM

After a Long while of not being active and promising to return, I'm finally gonna do it. 
Even gave the ol' page an overhaul. I missed you guys.

I should reeeealy work on that promise of returning...


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hi ya
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Happy birthday
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